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Let Me Ask You Some Questions…

Are you ready for a sustainable, predictable income - instead of starting from zero each month?

Are you a thought leader, entrepreneur, expert or specialist who is ready to finally leverage your income and your game with a membership site?

Maybe you already have a membership site up and running, but it's taking more and more time and not delivering on the promises you expected?

Do you ever wish you could finally have more time and freedom from your business for the things that are really important?

Would you like to reduce your workload to a couple days a month, while boosting your income 2x, 5x or more?

Do you have a great idea for a membership site, but don't quite know how to validate it and get it to market efficiently and profitably?

If You Answered “Yes” to Any of These Questions, Then You Don't Want to Miss Our Next LIVE Training!

How Does It Work?

Membership Lab offers a 6-week online workshop that's divided into four main steps…


Getting Clarity on Your Strategy: you'll uncover the "why" and the "how" of implementing your work to make a difference, while building a low-stress, high-income custom solution for you. This process isn't sexy, but it makes everything that follows much easier and faster. 


Processes: underpinning every successful membership site is an alignment of entrepreneur and the specific formulas you'll use to effect a strategic, harmonious collaboration with your members.  Things like engagement triggers, retention strategies. Here you'll discover and align yourself for maximum success.


Software and Tech. Do you want a no-fuss, get-to-market-fast system? We've got a plug-and-play system, ready to go. If, on the other hand, you prefer more flexibility and need to retain your existing tag-based CRM system, we'll guide you into a fully-flexible option.


Putting it all together. In the final phase, you'll create and build the machine that drives your business to new heights, and we'll share all the secrets which enable you to enhance your value, retain members and sell new memberships fast!

At the end of our time together, you'll be in true alignment, serving your best customers in a way that is both fun and rewarding for you and them... at the highest level. Our process enables your greatest success!


Each week for eight weeks you'll complete a new phase toward achieving your "Predictable Recurring Membership Income." By the time we’re finished, you’ll have all the assets in place to keep and grow your membership, along with the time-freedom to enjoy your life like never before!

Introduction: Your high-level Owner Perspective is what we're developing and enhancing, first. When you unlock your vision for what your site should be, you'll find yourself with a clear path that takes you directly to achieving the ideal for your very own successful membership site.

Foundation: You'll gain a deep understand of the subscription-based climate that's powering a bold new era across every conceivable business model. Further, we'll reveal the 4 major reasons people join, as we enable you to define and create your unique subscription model combination, based on the six types available in the marketplace today.

Content: The processes you'll implement to extract hidden information from your members here make it easy to create content that deeply resonates with your members. You'll get samurai methods that practically guarantee your members will stick, month after month, like magic! On top of that, we'll show you exactly how to create 6-12 month's worth of content in 2-3 days.

Membership: You'll get the detailed, nitty-gritty expert advice on every last aspect of your site, what to have, what to leave out and you can't be without. Then we'll show you how to onboard your customers and how to keep them for life. In addition, you'll get our entire "beta-testing" blueprint, which enables you to target white-hot markets with speed and laser-precision.

Marketing: We. Love. Marketing. And in this, our most comprehensive module, you'll get a unbeatable "A to Z" toolbox you can immediately use to deploy any number of powerful strategies that skyrocket your membership! You'll discover strategies and incentives that drive new users into your site like a stampede! On top of that, we'll give you complete funnel blueprints (including email templates, VSL scripts and every piece of copy that you'll use to simply plug-and-play to get launched fast)!

Retention: We teach 8 strategies that will see you keeping your members longer Some owners are great at getting members inside their membership, only to watch their members quit soon after. This can't be you, and in this valuable module you'll discover the ways you can keep your members on the edge of their seats, month after profitable month.

Growth: This typically takes one to three years and requires "hands-on" analytics and data analysis, which you never want to rush. Here comprehension trumps speed. Many existing membership owners seek out retention and growth strategies cumulative solutions than any other component. You'll discover ways to add value without necessarily adding more content. Most people mistakenly believe more content equals more value, when in fact, we often recommend clients remove content altogether (or repurpose it).

Technology: Here is where we banish all tech fears you may have had in the past. You'll get detailed videos, holding you by the hand, and taking you, step-by-step through the critical processes you'll need to master in order to achieve your goals with your site.

Mastermind Intensive: With weekly meetings, you'll discover what's working in other markets, it's where your best ideas will come from and where you'll share with colleagues and find extraordinary growth opportunities. 

One-on-One Coaching: Each week we'll identify bottlenecks and opportunities for growth specific to your audience and site. You'll receive guidance and direction to weekly increase the key metrics that will unlock rapid growth for your recurring revenue. 

Community: Do you want another Facebook group to distract you from achieving your revenue goals? We didn't think so either... Your best life comes from hitting the milestones we'll set together. Our internal community will be focused on: your success and encouragement. No cat videos here.

By the time we're finished, you'll have a "Predictable Selling System" converting visitors into buyers automatically, and even effortlessly...meaning you make more profitable sales without ever feeling pushy or "salesy."

You're Personally Invited to Membership Lab's Brand-New FREE Webinar Training 

Let's Build A Predictable Revenue Model into Your Membership Site! 

  • Expert wisdom and perspective when you access to our member-only forums.
  • Never fear technology again--using our team to answer questions live, along with easy-to-follow explainer videos!
  • 16 hours of live mastermind and one-on-one coaching. Unlike other video-only courses out there, You'll get plenty of live, expert time to solve your particular challenges!
  • Copywriting made easy with our "whole-funnel" copy templates and strategy reports
  • Our Relentless Retention-focused teaching means you'll never worry about keeping your members on the edge of their seats from month to month.
  • Our 50/50 Strategy means 4 weeks to launch and 4 weeks to refine, test and start growing that recurring revenue!

Discover Our Best New Strategies for Building Recurring Revenue into Your Business today... with our Latest Complimentary Training Session

The Membership Lab Program is open to approved candidates only. To learn more about our exclusive "Done-With-You" Program, join us for our next live training.

Having a Membership Site in Your Business Means More Influence, More Impact and Your Ability to Reach a Bigger Audience!


Still Wondering If This Program Is For You?

This Checklist Should Help…

Membership Lab is for you if you want to enjoy recurring revenue that grows predictably every single month.

Membership Lab is for you if you want specific, actionable guidance that quickly moves you toward your goals for your membership site.

Membership Lab is for you if you would like to be able to consistently hit home-runs with  content that your members love and stick around for.

Membership Lab is for you if you love the idea of having the skills, techniques and ability to grow and develop your own thriving member community!

Membership Lab is for you if you enjoy the thrill of actually seeing a major project come to fruition without having to make the rookie mistakes others struggle with.

Membership Lab is for you if you want to  go from no revenue or flat subscription numbers to a rapid growth phase with our revenue-boosting strategies and tactics.

Membership Lab is for you if you want to slash the "typical membership build time" from 18 months to 8 weeks!

Membership Lab is not for you if you prefer to plod along, guessing what your members really want.

Membership Lab is not for you if you think of having an expert team that's eager to share their collective wisdom with you is a cost, not an investment in your business.

Membership Lab is not for you if you don't love waking up knowing your recurring revenue membership site has your expenses, your payroll, your offices--all your baseline costs--covered.

By the time we're finished, you'll have a "Predictable Recurring Revenue Model" in place. You'll know how to keep your members excited... thrilled... and eagerly awaiting your next piece of engaging content. The end result is your site becomes more profitable each and every month!

About Your Instructors:

My name is Jesse Moskel and after 25 years of working in sales and marketing, direct response copywriting and consulting, I discovered my calling: to work directly with  thought-leaders, speakers, authors, experts like you to maximize your reach!

Helping Influencers reach more people through powerful membership sites has a spectacular, positive impact on our world. That's why Charl, who you'll read about next, and I built this company. 

Whether you have a following, an existing member site, or just a grand idea, we here at the Membership Lab would like to support your vision and make your dreams and your reality look the same. To prove this to you, we've put some of our best strategies and advice together in a powerful, FREE webinar training.

Won't you join us?

My name is Charl Coetzee, founder of the Real Fortune Group. My passion is marketing strategy and lots and lots of coffee (preferably made by my loving wife). I have recently become the father of a precious little girl and she already has me wrapped around her finger.

I grew up as a bush-veld 'farm boy' , spending most of my time in the great outdoors, admiring the wildlife only found in South Africa. I am also a huge sci-fi follower and 'Trekkie' (that's a Star Trek fan for all you non-nerds). My favorite superhero is Superman, and I have a strange feeling my daughter will feel the same because she loves it when I make her fly...all around the living room...

As a 2nd generation businessman, I was schooled in the strategies and techniques required to create and grow a “Real Fortune”. With my diverse background in Engineering, Property, e-Commerce & the Retail sectors I am uniquely capable of explaining and easily conveying seemingly complex matters quite simplistically, enabling me to reach people from all walks of life, in my own, comprehensible approach.

There is nothing I enjoy more than learning and sharing high-level strategy. Helping clients improve their revenues while creating value to their customers is a thrilling way to spend my time. I am a firm believer in continuous education and a reliable business model. ​

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